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Yep, @borkdude has it right. Datomic-style data (it can be DataScript, if you want it to be) is for machine production & consumption. Users don’t need to interact with it directly or even know that’s going on, unless they want to write their own modules or do what would be thought of as “metaprogramming” in other frameworks.


The benefit is that it’s much easier for machines to integrate with and manipulate in well-defined ways, and because the config DB has a schema, other modules can depend upon certain other config elements being present and use them as a contract to program against.


The cost is that module authors will need to provide a DSL or some other shim to give users an easy way to write config data by hand.


@luke: Sounds like a bit of a curve for module authors?


@borkdude: A bit - they’ll have to be comfortable with datalog. But it’s not hard to learn & arguably a good skill to have anyway.


ah datalog, yes I like