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This seems really cool. My only request: please please please please please include a dead-simple API with abstractions for the front end. My dream is to be able to write a web application without all the hellish dom manipulation stuff, and even without CSS, and have it just work. :-)


you can write a web app with css


it just won’t look good. If you want to write front end, you have to learn some css. No way around that.


@gowder: “Dead simple” is the goal. Not sure if I’ll be able to remove CSS from the equation entirely, though… it’s pretty deeply baked into web development. But at the very least you’ll be able to use CSS templates provided by other people (Bootstrap CSS, as one example) rather than writing your own from scratch.


@luke super exciting project! the config-as-data stuff you talked about kinda reminds me of @weavejester’s duct framework. I can’t wait to see some code!


good luck! godspeed! etc!


that every clojure developer has their own template/framework is on one hand a testament to clojure’s power


but on the other hand, a total obstacle towards noob-friendliness/standardization/compatibility