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Bunch of updates on the Metosin OS Libraries: • - High-performance data-driven data specification library for Clojure/Script 0.16.2 ◦ Welcome Simple Function Schemas! [:-> :int :boolean] ~= [:=> [:cat :int] :boolean] ◦ Bunch of small fixes and improvements, see • - A fast data-driven routing library for Clojure/Script, 0.7.1 ◦ Fixing regression bugs from 0.7.0 + latest features via dependent libraries, • - Handling HTTP Statuses with Clojure(Script), 0.9.4 ◦ Teapots welcome, • - Clojure library for fast JSON encoding and decoding. 0.3.9:do-not-fail-on-empty-beans option + latest Jackson, • - Clojure(Script) tools for clojure.spec, 0.10.7 ◦ Multi-spec to JSON Schema, fix`:reason` composition, ◦ If you are a user of spec-tools and would like to have Maintainer access, ping me Big thanks to all contributors!

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clj-otel release 0.2.7 is out, an idiomatic Clojure API for adding telemetry to your libraries and applications using OpenTelemetry. Notable changes in this release include: 🔭 Bumped OpenTelemetry deps to 1.39.0 🌡️ Support for creating and setting gauges that take measurements synchronously 📊 Option to set explicit bucket boundaries advice for histograms 🧹 Removed wrapper modules for obsolete Jaeger exporters, since Jaeger natively supports OTLP 📈 Added Grafana visualization for microservices examples, with pre-configured dashboards Major refactor of microservices examples: Embedded nREPL, state management, simpler & faster build 🐘 Added example with instrumented PostgreSQL database access :spiral_note_pad: See the for more information on changes in this release

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With kind help from @U03900R19AA some issues have been fixed with the examples. Thank you!


Followup in #C034UN5273N