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v0.1.67 of Vybe, a small game framework, is released, We are adding physics using Jolt and datalog-like queries (Flecs support these, see datalog-query-test at If you are interested in running it on your OS (I only tested it on a Mac), try to make bin/ && clj -T:build compile-app work for you (open a PR, if possible!). See the full changelog below (as well as a quick video where we load dynamic objects from Blender) \o • Add vf/ref operator to refer to existing components • Add vf/del operator to flag a component for deletion • Add jolt • Add raycast • Create VybePOpaque to represent memory segments • GLTF loading now also loads physics (statically) ◦ Using the axis-aligned bounding box (AABB) method only • Allow dynamic Flecs queries • Add Flecs observers • Allow datalog-like queries using Flecs (syntax inspired by the Datomic queries) ◦ Query scopes ◦ Variables ◦ Sources ◦ See converts meshes to dynamic objects (AABB)

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