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Huahai08:06:47 Simple, fast and versatile Datalog database 0.9.6 • like and not-like query functions similar to LIKE and NOT LIKE operators in SQL that leverage index • in and not-in query functions similar to IN and NOT IN operators in SQL that leverage index • fill-db function to bulk-load trusted datoms • drop-in replacement of read-csv function that is faster and more robust in handling quoted content • Fix query planner generate correct plan when bounded variables are involved • Use local LMDB library on FreeBSD if available (Thx @markusalbertgraf) • Increase initial DB size to 1 GiB • Port applicable fixes from Datascript up to 1.7.1 • Update dependencies to latest

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Daniel Slutsky23:06:21

Here is the first prerelease of, a composition of's visualization templates and datasets with simplified templates and a layered grammar. It was created in collaboration with @jsa-aerial and @kiraemclean, who both mentored me through a few iterations till things started to make sense. Thanks also to @carsten.behring and Elan Braude for their helpful ideas.

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