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I released #CGHHJNENB 1.9.0 🎉 — this new version includes improvements that bring cljfx further away from re-frame and closer to react. As per • event handling became more efficient, where changing handler function from one to another does not touch the JavaFX DOM, which makes event maps unnecessary. • added fx/ext-watcher lifecycle that makes existing renderer concept unnecessary • added fx/ext-state that adds support for local mutable state. I know I know, local state is bad, but for UI in many cases having a small local mutable state is better than integrating it into one big application state. It makes it easier to reason about. • added fx/ext-effect . While fx/ext-state is similar to react's useState hook, fx/ext-effect is similar to useEffect hook. • finally, added fx/ext-recreate-on-key-changed , to provide a way to reset components (similar to react's key). Additionally, I created some examples showcasing the additions: •

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Luke Johnson03:06:20

Nice work! But fx/ext-effect is really challenging to say out loud! 😜


Oops, I haven't tried pronouncing it before 😅