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Werner13:03:28 v0.4.0 released • Add support for Chat API • Add support for Audio API

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practicalli-johnny14:03:51 have all been migrated to and are looking like professional websites now (if I do say so myself) 🙂 Each book provides to make the most out of the Material for MkDocs features. Each page of the book includes a pencil icon in the top right to allow for editing and pull requests via the books GitHub repository. Merged PRs are automatically built into a new published version of the book. Each page also included the date it was last updated, to help gauge how current the information may be. The in the repository of each book covers the dev and CI workflow (its pretty simple really) has also been significantly re-written to include a more detailed Clojure CLI workflow and REPL Reloaded approach. The refactor of is still underway, so a few images may break temporarily. Thank you to Cognitect and Clojurist Together for continuing to sponsor the Practicalli work (there is a lot more updates and additional content to come this year - see each books issue list)

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MkDocs is written in Python and coupled with Material for MkDocs can produce some very professional looking and engaging websites with very little effort. Whilst I would prefer to use Clojure to generate the sites, there currently seems less value in creating such a Clojure tool compared to improving the content and scope of the Practicalli books. Maybe when I have finished the books (or retire) I'll have more time to write the ultimate Clojure tool for technical documentation 🙂

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I feel you, John. I'm trying to use Clerk (+ a slightly modified version of to generate some documentation + blog-like articles (e.g. and its, but mkdocs really looks slick, I will test it on my day-to-day job (add try to replicate some of its features on my OSS work :P). Thanks for your awesome work!


Happy to see Pulsar there 🎉