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Announcing A small library for adding custom tracing without having to modify source code.

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tick 0.6.0 released. The new version works with babashka. Thanks and ! Also new is a section in the README looking at the tradeoffs of date-time API choice : . It's a question that seems to come up on here on slack quite a bit. Opinions welcome! Should you use Tick for date-time work? • If you are just working on the JVM and are comfortable with the java.time API then raw interop will work just fine. • If you are working in a Javascript environment then seriously consider using Its build size (unless targeting highly constrained context such as a The main reason is the native Date API is • If you meet any of the following criteria, use ◦ are creating cross-platform date-time logic ◦ are not proficient in java.time and would like ◦ would rather not maintain type hints in your code or deal with interop syntax • If you meet the criteria to use but would like a more terse API and the benefits of e.g. or the interval calculus, but will not miss having every date-time recipe one google search away, then tick might be a good choice. Tick uses so you can always drop to that if Tick is missing something you need. • Similar in aiming for a terse API, but jvm-only is

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Anders Eknert14:03:40

has the tag not been pushed? 🙂 I don’t see it in the repo


Ah good catch. Pushed now 👍

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@U051B9FU1 I really appreciate what you’ve done with Tick and I like using it and having a common API for both Clojure and ClojureScript.


tick is great, such a pleasure to have basically identical time-related semantics in Clojure, ClojureScript and now babashka!

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Anders Eknert22:03:24

ClojureCLR next! 😄


malli also recently got support for java.time based schemas, makes for a really powerful combination with tick :)


Hey I wanted to explore the new OpenAI chatGPT API that was announced a couple days ago and I've been meaning to try out bababska so I wrote this quick little bb cli to have an ai conversation through the terminal. I'm on linux so not sure if it will work on Mac or Windows. You can find it here: with the instructions in the comments. It's quite barebones but quick and fun without having to go to the OpenAI website which usually takes a while to load for me.

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If you prefer a regular ole Clojure repo you can find that here: This uses clj-http and instead of bb's built in http client and cheshire.json so the code has a few minor alterations.


The new API is crazy cheap and it's for their most powerful model. It is $0.002 for a 1000 tokens which equates to about 375,000 words for a $1.


Whether it has anything of worth to say in that massive amount of words is still up for debate.


Cool, I keep thinking about about starting a channel here for notable/interesting chatgpt interactions