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borkdude13:03:49 a CLI to add common aliases and features to deps.edn-based projects See the blog post for a gentle introduction into neil. 0.1.57 (2023-03-02) Changes since last announcement in thread! Join #babashka-neil for details

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borkdude13:03:10 Update neil new -h output to include list of provided templates (@U3X7174KS) • Upgrade git libs using explicit :git/url when available • Upgrade libraries, including deps-new to 0.5.0, which no longer uses's wrapper in project templates • Bug fix for kaocha alias and script typos ( • fix pmap + requiring-resolve issue • Clojars search improvements ( • Fix fetching versions from maven central • Fix neil dep add • Provide bbin install instructions installing a development version ( • Fix incorrect "Requires clean working directory" error in neil version Always add latest kaocha version • Print instructions for making a bin/kaocha script • Prefer stable versions when running neil dep upgrade. Versions with any qualifier (like -rc1, -alpha, etc). are considered unstable. • Fix neil dep search helptext formatting ( • Move neil dep upgrade helptext into subcommand ( • swap babashka.curl for babashka/http-client


First non-beta releases of undertow and ring-undertow libraries are available. •

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Announcing Make let-expressions REPL-friendly! > Let them have their inline-def and eat it too

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with clj-kondo config export supported OOTB 💅


probably not an optimal clj-kondo config but good enough for the first release :)

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Noah Bogart18:03:19

this is very cool


Nice but I think I'm missing something... you can't really evaluate the expressions one by one, can you?

  (def x 10)
  (inc x) ;; => 11
  (dec x) ;; =? 9


Unless somehow your editor is aware of this?


(def y (inc x))


yes, you can evaluate these expressions one by one


In Calva, I have to do "evaluate from start of the list to cursor, closing brackets". If I just evaluate the single (inc x) obviously it's looking for an x in the global environment.


you first evaluate (def x 10)


and then (inc x) and so on


similar to how you would evaluate expressions in a rich comment form. you don't evaluate them all in one go, right? at least, I never do that


@U7PBP4UVA I hope this helps:

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Right, so during REPL development you are polluting the global environment (by creating a var) - but then you can copy the entire snippet into a test case and the def will be converted into a let, right?


I found myself translating these def-like "stories" to let a lot when writing / debugging UI tests


That is a good tactic! Thanks for clarifying, for a bit I was confused. I do the same top-level def in production sometimes and I’m a bit worried I’ll mess something up globally. So I thought this would fix my issue without changing me workflow.


In that case, maybe I would use a careful convention, like:

(def dbg:x 1)


A demo of how you can use this in nbb to write UI tests!

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deflet is now available on clojars (0.1.0) and the clj-kondo hook has been improved (it expands exactly like the macro, lsp navigation works)

Danilo Oliveira07:03:04

borkdude train has no brakes lol keep the good work!