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Ertugrul Cetin12:02:54

Enion Online: A 3D multiplayer PvP battle game between orcs and humans, written in Clojure and ClojureScript, feel free to share your thoughts! It's a pre-alpha game, so there might be some issues. I'm using the PlayCanvas game engine, re-frame, and reagent for the UI. For the backend, I'm mainly using Manifold and Aleph. Additionally, I'm using my own async library called procedure.async. Game link:

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Lars Kristian Maron Telle13:02:33

I reset the storage, and figured it out. (I had been too quick with clicking through the hints.)

Lars Kristian Maron Telle13:02:39

For others in the same situation: you activate the input field in the chat window by pressing "Enter".


Note: gotta disable adblock for it to work apparently. Otherwise getting stuck in the loading screen.


Oh, there's also a "DMCA Takedown notice" in JS console @U0UL1KDLN.

Ertugrul Cetin13:02:05

I'm also experiencing some out-of-memory issues that are causing the VM to restart. I assume that the reason is because the VM type is shared.


Is it just me or the D key doesn't work?


Sure you don't have something like Vimium extension that intercepts that?


Yep, that’s probably it :)

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nvd-clojure - security checker - • Introduce .edn configuration format ◦ The (yucky) .json config format will remain supported. • Automatically create .xml and .edn files when they don't exist already • Update DependencyCheck • Add a Enjoy!

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Sam Ritchie23:02:05

Announcing new releases of a big batch of projects under the #C041G9B1AAK umbrella: • 0.2.0 and the 0.2.0 and the 0.2.0 and the 0.2.1 and the 0.2.2 and the Each of these projects has gained #C015LCR9MHD support and a #C019ZQSPYG6 template that generates a batteries-included #C035GRLJEP8 project, set up for interactive development as well as publishing to GitHub Pages and Visit the project and template links for more detail on how to get started with each project.

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