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borkdude12:02:19 static analyzer and linter for Clojure code that sparks joy 2023.02.17 • warn about using multiple bindings after varargs (`&`) symbol in fn syntax • Add arity checks for core def new :uninitialized-var linter. See • expose hooks-api/resolve. See • false positive :redundant-fn-wrapper with syntax-quoted body • lint java constructor calls as unresolved-symbol when using dot notation. • :dynamic-var-not-earmuffed should be opt-in • type hint aliases should not result in unresolved symbol • include end locations in :line-length linter • Fix escaping of regex literal string in :macroexpand make support for ignoring warnings in generated hooks explicit • allow :level :off in :discouraged-var config on var level • clj-kondo.lint-as/def-catch-all doesn't emit locations, fixes navigation for lsp • false positive type error with symbol argument + varargs • don't analyze location metadata coming from :macroexpand hook (performance optimization) Thanks to, contributors and users for making this project possible! gratitude

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fogus (Clojure Team)18:02:37 v1.4.1 • Fixes Attempt to reload deleted file • Fixes Broken tracker after mis-named namespace • Adds Provide source file info in find functions

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Filipe Silva19:02:11

Obsidian Babashka version 1.0.5, and now on the official plugin list! > Obsidian Babashka is a plugin for that lets you run and code blocks via and respectively. > > The main usecase for this plugin is scripting in the context of your vault documents. Source: Install link:

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Cora (she/her)20:02:25

I just started using obsidian a few months back and had no idea there was something like this!!! so awesome!

Filipe Silva20:02:27

It was only started last month really :D

Daniel Jomphe14:02:19

Funny, I was thinking just this morning how it would be nice to have a CLJS scripting option in Obsidian if it isn't already available. Well, then, it is. 🙂

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