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Released FlowStorm 3.3.320 FlowStorm is a Clojure and ClojureScript tool suite which contains a debugger and types docs generation tooling This release doesn't add any new features but fixes a bunch of issues reported by users. Since last announced release : • Upgrades to openjfx which solves the tool failing to start on hombrew openjdk under macos ventura • Improves deep function instrumentation (with one click you can instrument a fn and recursively any called fn) • Fix type hinted fn instrumentation on clojure 1.10 • Support instrumenting functions forms like (let [...] (defn foo [] ...)) • Fix code instrumentation where libraries like potemkin/import-vars are used • Improve docs file generation • Fix namespace instrumentation for files that end with a comment • Fix OS theme detection exceptions • And more Thanks to everybody who reported issues, and a big thanks to Roam Research and people sponsoring the project. Repo : User guide : Cheers!

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Noah Bogart22:02:20

Initial release of - Next-Generation kibit-style linter Reads clojure/script code, checks for known "bad forms", and prints the more idiomatic form:

[:not-nil?] src/noahtheduke/spat.clj - 756:14
(not (nil? ?x))
Consider using:
(some? ?x)
Decided to release this in the barest bones version to see how folks like it. It can be run as a command-line tool with @borkdude’s bbin, or turned into an uberjar and run manually. I hope to get it even faster (maybe with GraalVM?), but this is a good place to start.

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bbinstall should probable be bbin install :)


If I understand correctly, it runs with bb, pretty cool


I may have found one false positive: it flags #(do [%1 %2]) as a redundant do :)

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@UEENNMX0T If you can emit output like clj-kondo's text output, I think it's pretty easy to hook this up to emacs

Noah Bogart22:02:05

Excellent, I don’t use emacs but I do gather all of the data and can output it.


what editor are you using? intellij? I've had similar stuff with clj-kondo + intellij based on the same output

Noah Bogart22:02:11

I use neovim and rely singularly on clojure-lsp’s errors. But i can set this up


ok, if you spit out clj-kondo's format, then neovim can also pick this up using ale or some other stuff, check out the same link, but for vim


it's a format that's widely supported

Noah Bogart22:02:58

Thanks so much for all your help

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Btw how much did it help in speed to use s-expressions rather than rewrite-clj nodes?

Noah Bogart22:02:41

Roughly the same as clj-kondo’s impl, much faster than raw rewrite-clj

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The Continium08:02:08

You can also integrate into neovim with null-ls.nvim. I use this and it works well. Here is an example parsing a cli program