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practicalli-johnny02:02:36 - 2023 new year spring clean Simplified many of the alias definitions that add a wide range of community tools when using Clojure CLI and deps.edn projects • added :repl/reloaded to run Rebel rich terminal UI with a range of common libraries that support the REPL workflow • added :dev/reloaded as above but without Rebel - to be used with other :repl/ aliases • added :project/create to use seancorfield/deps-new project (`:project/new` remains for seancorfield/clj-new) • deprecated :project/jar and :project/uberjar which used the archived depstar project in favour of using a based approach, e.g. as in section • deprecated many other aliases that are rarely needed, moving them into a deps-deprecated.edn file for posterity or curiosity - please let me know if any aliases in there are actively used The Clojure CLI aliases used in the Practicalli Clojure book are also being updated to use the simplified set, along with a significant rewrite and upgrade to a very snazzy looking Material theme (with light and dark options)

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