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renewdoit08:02:24 released version 0.5.114, the first version of the 0.5 milestones. Fun-map can be used in place of any plain map by support methods of a standard map. If you store specific particular values, computations could happen when you access it. Thus it can be used as a lazy map or manage dependencies and as a lifecycle management system like components or integrants without forcing you to compromise your basic design. This version is starting to support ClojureScript.

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latest (helidon-nima+loom) is out, now based on helidon alpha4 ->

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After seeing a fair amount of production use, with pretty much no core changes and effectively being the goto lib for docker and podman, here is the 1.0.0 release of! An idiomatic, data-driven, REPL friendly clojure client for OCI container engines. Has all the latest support for docker and podman versions and compatible with clojure and #babashka 😄

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