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mpenet06:11:35 0.1.6 is now on clojars (previously was only via git deps, the repo name also changed)

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borkdude13:11:24 Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting 1.0.167: the ultimate Advent of Code edition! babashka See the blog post for how to run tests with this release. You can do this without having in your bb.edn

$ bb -e "(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]) (s/valid? int? 2)"
Most significant changes since 1.0.165, the last release mentioned here: • Compatibility with Cognitest and • Add run-test and run-test-var to clojure.test spec source as built-in fallback. When not including the fork as a library, babashka loads a bundled version, when clojure.spec.alpha is required. • SCI: performance improvements • Better error locations for interop ( • Use namespace-munge instead of munge for doing ns -> file lookup Channel: #babashka

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Sigge Labor14:11:33

Hello! We created a library to use as reagent components. It follows the versioning of the heroicons library itself.

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I wrote a little 'app' called sanakone a while ago while I was trying to learn Finnish (update: still trying to learn). It has a very basic set of rules for conjugating the different types of Finnish infinitives, and a lightweight cljs standalone webapp. Kinda fun as an example of something small, simple and easily deployed that can be used a bit like a native phone app. Code is Demo at and bonus points if you learn yourself some Finnish