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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)01:11:01

True Grit 2.0.21 is now available! Your one-stop shop for adding resilience to your fns: circuit breakers, retries, bulkheads, timeouts, and rate limiters galore! I've bumped it up to 2.x to match the 2.x change in the underlying Resilience4j lib, but the API is completely backwards-compatible. The only breaking change is Resilience4j 2 now requires JDK 17+, so True Grit does too. True Grit now uses the MIT License.

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#joyride - An extension making VS Code hackable (in an almost Emacs sense of the word) was just updated - v0.0.25. Since last announcement we have the following changes: • Better performance (by using latest SCI) • Fix:`runCode` (And quite a few more fixes.) We will demo some of this

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Hi all, martian 0.1.22 has been released. martian is a library providing abstraction over your http client, supporting Swagger, OpenAPI and your own custom definitions. This release adds support for: • date-time and int-or-string string formats, thanks • Objects with no properties (implicitly anything) and associated additionalProperties support, thanks • hato client in martian-test, thanks • cljs-http-promise in martian-test This release fixes: • The cljs-http stub responder in martian-test now returns a proper asynchronous contex This release improves: • The martian-test code example in the README, thanks • The respond-with (replacing respond-with-constant) function in martian-test now accepts functions as well as values

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Announcing the first release of, a library for writing specs for React components defined using Some areas of exploration/experimentation that this opens up: • Instrumenting components at dev time and getting errors when they are passed invalid props • Generative testing of components using test/check • Integration with static analysis frameworks for checking props usage Currently available via git deps

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