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^"The integration of everything with everything else!" With this Clerk viewer, I now can add a bunch of guides on how to use Portal for my specific use case (I use Pathom and Malli, and you can navigate through them with Portal, so this will be very helpful).

- [ ] Teach how to use Portal
    - [ ] Attributes navigation
    - [ ] Schema examples generation
    - [ ] Logs
    - [ ] Exceptions
    - [ ] Tap and `user/debug`
    - [ ] Pathom query analyzer viewer
    - [ ] Pathom traces presented as markdown elements
    - [ ] Editable text using SCI (not the one in Clerk, not the one
          in Portal, but our own lol)?
Many thanks \o

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Pathom 3 2022.10.18-alpha is out! The most fun update is that now on defresolver input inference, you can use the :or part to mark parts of the input as optional, check an example at the • Fix error when user requests ::pcr/attribute-errors in lenient mode • In process-one helpers, when the value is collection it gets the run stats from the parent • Add support for :or keyword on defresolver and defmutation args, values in :or will be flagged as optional • Set ::pco/inferred-params when params are inferred • Instead of overriding ::pco/input or ::pco/params when explicitly set, now Pathom will merge that with the inferred input/params • Issue 159 - Fix placeholder nodes on dynamic resolvers

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