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First beta release of the parsesso ā€” the new parser combinators library for Clojure(Script)

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Joshua Suskalo15:10:18

This is awesome, I'm glad to see a good option with lookahead that can target non-string tokens


I suppose all existing implementations work with non-char tokens

Joshua Suskalo15:10:15

Of parser combinators yes, although we don't have a lot of well-supported options for that in Clojure. The main parser options we have are spec (which lacks lookahead) and instaparse (which doesn't support non-character tokens)

Joshua Suskalo15:10:32

Unless I missed a third good option


@U5NCUG8NR I'm open for suggestions what to add in the library for specific real needs :-)

Joshua Suskalo16:10:27

Awesome, I may get back to you. At the moment most of the projects that I've needed parsers for have died due to the lack of options I had, so I might pick some back up.


Made an example how to do server side rendering with re-frame + reitit + shadow-cljs + deno. Quite a few catches so hope someone will find it useful

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New version published: Deep Learning for Programmers 2nd ed v 0.31.0;src=cslack

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New #quickdoc release Quickdoc analyzes your source code with clj-kondo and spits out an file which you can check directly into source control. The tool works with Clojure and #babashka. v0.2.2 ā€¢ Improved table of contents and source links ( ā€¢ Support wiki syntax for var linking: [[foo]] ( ā€¢ Upgrade clj-kondo to 2022.10.05 Big thanks @adam678 to for the improvements

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