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Today a new babashka pod is released: bbssh. ssh and scp support for babashka that interoperates with babashka.process:

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The new version of the makes announcing a or event a breeze as it now scrapes all event-details for you:

$ zulip_events create --zulip-auth "${ZULIP_AUTH}" --url 
These announcements power the Clojure event calender-feed - see Enjoy!

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Daniel Slutsky15:09:03

Fantastic, this is so valuable & helpful. 🙏


Just published new draft 0.30.0 of Deep Learning for Programmers 2.0. All existing v1.0 subscibers also get all these new updates.

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Rewrite-edn: utility lib on top of #rewrite-clj with common operations to update EDN while preserving whitespace and comments. 0.3.4 • Bump rewrite-clj to v1.1.45 ( • Repeated assoc-in, assoc no longer throw NullPointerException ( • Add keys and get-in ( Repo:

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clj-http-lite v1.0.13 - A JVM and babashka compatible lite version of clj-http Highlights from the • The :insecure? option is now applied only to the current request • If specified, request’s body encoding is now applied, else defaults to UTF-8 • User info from request URL now applied to basic auth • Nested query and form parameters are now automatically flattened • Now also automatically verified to work under Windows • Docs reviewed and updated clj-http-lite is one of the many projects under the loving care of

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