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Just published new draft 0.29.0 of Deep Learning for Programmers 2.0

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Hi Dragan - I've been confused by this before. I don't see a variant of this for the tier 1 subscribers. Is this (dlfp2-draft-0.29.0-2.0) the successor to dlfp-draft-0.26.0 or is there a new one for that variant as well?


@U06C63VL4 Tier 1 subscribers automatically get all new stuff.


I've published a post that I hope clarifies this:


@U06C63VL4 Tier 1 subscribers should see the new versions. Is it is not the case, please contact me to fix this.


@U086AG324 OK, what I now see is dlfp-1.0.0.pdf, dlfp2-draft-0.30.0-2.0.pdf, and dlfp3-draft-0.30.0-3.0.pdf. Before (when I started this thread) I only was seeing dlfp2-draft-0.29.0-2.0.pdf. Could have been a stale browser page. Even so, I still am confused about this. First, the 1.0.0 (which was released 2-Sep-2021 - over a year ago), has much more stuff in it than the other two (in terms of actual content), but 2-draft-0.30.0-2 and 3-draft-0.30.0-3 both have some extra stuff in the TOC: "VGG: a non-trivial CNN example" and a new chapter "VIII Recurrent networks". Now neither of these has any content for the example nor the new chapter. So, it looks like 1.0 branch is no longer being updated. And that the 2.0 and 3.0 branches will have the new stuff. But at the moment, there isn't any new stuff - unless the previous chapters and sections that overlap with 1.0 have had updates not in 1.0. I think this is the confusing thing - it looks like all three of these may be needed to get the complete content. If not now, certainly in the (near?) future when the content for VGG example and the RNN chapter is filled in. And maybe for changes, corrections to the previous content is made.


The 2.0 and 3.0 versions have smaller changes and fixes and the code is up-do-date with DD 0.25.0. The new chapters are going to be added to this. v1.0.0 is final and there won't be changes added to it. You of course have access to all this material in v1.0.0 but for v2.0 tiers these are new updates.