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Methodical 0.14.0 is out. Methodical is a multimethod library that acts like a drop-in replacement for defmulti and defmethod, written entirely in Clojure. It supports building multimethods programatically in a nondestructive/functional manner; methods with "partial-default" dispatch values like [:some-keyword :default]; CLOS-style :before, :after, and :around aux methods, and method combinations; easy next-method invocation; and ships with helpful debugging tools. Methodical 0.14.0 introduces several major improvements, including: • Bundled clj-kondo config now triggers errors when you're calling next-method with the wrong number of args • Added describe facility to generate Markdown-formatted documentation about a multimethod and all of its method implementations. Adding or removing methods automatically updates the docstring for a multimethod and adds this extra information. • Methodical defmulti s now support a :dispatch-value-spec that will be used to validate the dispatch value form in defmethod s at macroexpansion time • Methodical multimethods now implement datafy • You can now add docstrings to defmethod forms; this documentation is automatically added to the multimethod and included in describe output • More syntax errors to defmethod and defmulti are caught at macroexpansion time

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I would really love for this to support CLJS, but I totally understand that you are not motivated to work on something you don’t personally need.


We've released the first alpha of lambdaisland/launchpad, a Clojure/nREPL dev process launcher Launchpad is mainly created with multi-module (monorepo or multi-repo) projects in mind. It integrates with lambdaisland/classpath to provide hot reloading of deps.edn for any of the referenced projects.

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Looks like it could be interesting to add #babashka-bbin support to launchpad


Thanks for the heads up. Looks like a cool project


A new version of #nbb: Scripting in Clojure on Node.js using SCI Run npx nbb to get a Clojure REPL anywhere Node.js is installed! 🎉 The last announced version here was 0.6.122. We're at 0.7.133 now. Major new features: • Support :deps in nbb.edn - thanks! • Malli compatibility • Include all remaining goog.object functions • IPrintWithWriter support Many other bugfixes, Channel: #nbb Repo:

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Will these wonderful things be straightforward to add to #joyride as well?


Just released vim-iced ver 3.12.3144, Clojure Interactive Development Environment for Vim8/Neovim.

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