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šŸ”­ Clerk ā€“ Moldable Live Programming for Clojure io.github.nextjournal/clerk {:mvn/version "0.10.550"} has been released . āœØ Also we've finally started to put together documentation so we're happy to present the šŸ““ Notable improvements in this release: ā€¢ šŸ™ˆ Support setting visibility for results, per form and per doc ā€¢ :sleuth_or_spy::skin-tone-2: Fail eval if var is only present at runtime but not in file And more, details in the:wood:, get the release on šŸ“¦, follow-up in #clerk.

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Ivar Refsdal18:09:16

Hi! Here is, a tiny library to simplify writing health checks, this time with a new release: com.github.ivarref/healthy {:mvn/version "0.1.17"} It provides a "sliding window" into your application's errors, allowing you to see if it recovers or not once an error has occurred. This new release adds the concept of error-percentage, allowing a service to return healthy/unhealthy based on some percentage of failures. Hope it is useful for someone. šŸ˜Š

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practicalli-johnny18:09:59 user-level alias for a wide range of community tools for Clojure CLI (deps.edn) projects ā€¢ updated libraries in aliases to latest versions using antq (see Changelog for exact details) ā€¢ added cljstyle check as a GitHub action using setup-clojure GitHub action, added a .cljstyle configuration that matches cljfmt ā€¢ formatted deps.edn with cljstyle changes

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Datalevin 0.6.17 is released. This release added a function to simulate a Datalog transaction without persisting the changes; added support for big integer and big decimal numbers in both key-value and Datalog API; improved documentation to support cljdoc build. Thanks to contributors @TheExGenesis and @lee

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