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Released first version of , a Clojure WebSocket client (wrapping JDK11 WebSocket) exposing a core.async API, a`reconnector` fn that keeps creating new connections when current ones are closed, automatic ping at given intervals, abort idle connections, etc

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Byron Clark15:09:55

Thank you for this library. I used it for a prototype recently and loved the interface and simplicity.

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Deep Diamond 0.25 released with RNN support on CPU and GPU! The fast Clojure Deep Learning library.

sheepy 12
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Just released vim-iced ver 3.11.3086, Clojure Interactive Development Environment for Vim8/Neovim. Added evaluation in context like CIDER :)

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This evaluate-in-context functionality is great. I really like being able to test in the REPL without having to make back and forth edits all the time. e.g. if I'm testing out a new query function, I can just provide the DB connection and query parameters using eval-in-context and repeat execution with the same context/paramers through as many iterations of the function as I need to get it right, never having to hardcode test values into the source code I'm testing. Thanks very much @UBL24PLE6.

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