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Kelvin14:08:23 has just been released. From the changelog: • Rework IRI, variable, blank node and literal implementations and add support for additional Java(Script) types. ◦ Implement protocols to define validation and formatting behavior IRIs, variables, blank nodes and literals, and apply extend-type/`extend-protocol` to default types. ◦ Add support for and js/URL IRI instances. ◦ Add support for java.time.Temporal timestamps (e.g. LocalDateTime and ZonedDateTime). ◦ Refine datatypes for numeric literals, e.g. Clojure integers are associated with xsd:long by default. ◦ Refine datatypes for date- and time-only timestamps, e.g. java.sql.Date and java.sql.Time are now associated with xsd:date and xsd:time, respectively. (Breaking!) • Add :force-iris? optional arg in order to force datatype IRIs to be appended when formatting literals (with the exception of language-tagged strings). • Add support for Unicode characters and percent encoding. ◦ Unicode characters are now supported in symbols and keywords. ◦ Percent encoding is allowed in prefixed IRI keyword names. ◦ (Clojure-only) Optimize string validation. • Replace certain uses of s/or with multi-specs in order to simplify error messages.

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🎉 Congratulations on this release… I’ve been looking at the 0.2.0 release in a lot more depth this afternoon, and so far it’s great!! 🙇


Hi all, I've just pushed a new release of fixa fixa lets you use fixtures at the level of individual tests in clojure The release brings two new features: • fail-after

(deftest ^{:fixa/fail-after "2023-01-05"} christmas-decorations-test
  (is (christmas-decorations)))
• run-after
(deftest ^{:fixa/run-after "2022-12-01"} future-v2-integration-test
  (is (some-feature-only-available-in-v2)))
All feedback welcome

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Mitchell Harris18:08:14

Where has this library been all my life! I need this.

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Noah Bogart19:08:26

this is very very cool