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jacob.maine22:08:14 v lsp4clj is a suite of tools for implementing a Language Server Protocol (LSP) server in Clojure. It underpins Prior to this release, lsp4clj was primarily a wrapper for lsp4j, a Java library for building LSP servers. This release removes our dependency on lsp4j. We now have a complete LSP implementation in Clojure. By removing lsp4j we’ve reduced the amount of reflection, making the Graal build more reliable, removed a ton of coercion to and from Java objects, and removed several transitive dependencies including xtend, gson and guava. We’ve also made it easier for servers built with lsp4clj to choose which parts of the LSP spec they want to implement, stay up-to-date with the spec, and manage concurrency with their preferred tools. Follow up in #lsp

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Exciting stuff. I might have to finally implement my lsp server 😜


Awesome, we discussed it - but were lazy to start!