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Babashka 0.9.160 is released. It now comes with #babashka-cli integration, described in this blog post: Full changelog: • -x to invoke a function with babashka CLI • babashka.tasks/exec to invoke a function with babashka CLI in tasks • SCI: don't eval metatada on defn body • SCI issue 774: make interpreter stacktrace available to user • babashka.process: improve tokenize • Upgrade to GraalVM 22.2.0 (#1325) Enjoy! babashka

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Michaël Salihi15:07:34

Juste released Inertia-clojure 0.2.5. Clojure Middleware adapter for to build single-page apps, without building an API. Changelog: • Feature ◦ Keep http status code from response (fixes • Changed ◦ Switch to ◦ Upgrade to Clojure 1.11.1 ◦ Upgrade to Ring 1.9.5 ◦ Upgrade to Jsonista 0.3.6

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seancorfield23:07:31 -- com.github.seancorfield/next.jdbc {:mvn/version "1.2.790"} -- A modern low-level Clojure wrapper for JDBC-based access to databases. • Address by supporting "db-spec" hash maps containing :datasource or :connection-uri (this is otherwise undocumented and intended to aid migration from • Address by adding notes on UTC usage -- • Enhance insert-multi! to accept a sequence of hash maps and also to support batch execution, via PR -- • Fix HikariCP pooling example. Follow-up in #sql

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