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Yehonathan Sharvit04:07:17

The final version of Data-Oriented Programming is out!

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this is a fantastic, seminal piece of work, @U0L91U7A8 . well done and thank you!


I've bought your book the other week unsure because it was in MEAP, but this is great news! Hungry to read it out during the evenings. 🍪 time!

Daniel Jomphe15:07:32

Congrats! Quite curious about this book. Is there a writeup somewhere answering the question: how useful is this book to Clojure developers? Here we're all in the few months/years of experience with Clojure, coming from typical engineering backgrounds with e.g. Java / C#. Might we learn a lot from this book or should Clojure already have sufficiently nudged us towards these 4 principles by default?

Yehonathan Sharvit15:07:17

@U0514DPR7 That’s a great question that I have been asking myself since I have published the first version of the book (with just a few chapters). I think you should ask on #data-oriented-programming

Yehonathan Sharvit16:07:44

@U0514DPR7 By coincidence, someone gave an answer to this question on Twitter an hour ago (more or less at the same time you asked the question here);t=3Xl59LmsWIevVF8-c5NlLQ

Daniel Jomphe19:07:05

Thanks a lot Yehonathan! I still asked the question, as you suggested, in #data-oriented-programming. For anyone interested in how people will answer it:


Announcing Graffito: An idiomatic way to expose your Pathom 3 Graph as a Graphql Interface. • Expose your graph to Clojurescript (using eql) or Javascript using Graphql • Uses as Graphql engine backed by Pathom . • Support for: Graphql Queries and Mutations. • Sane conventions that reduce the boilerplate needed. • Todos: Subscriptions, Better Docs, Support for Graphql fragments, aliases and variables. Hoping that an announcement will bring more Pathom enthusiasts and help to Pathom reach to more developers.

pathom 8
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Babashka CLI: turn Clojure functions into CLIs! v0.1.2 - v0.3.32 were released in the last (almost) two months with a large number of improvements. Special thanks to @cap10morgan for his contributions. Repo: API: Changelog:

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This is a great library that I had been writing in my head for awhile. But @U04V15CAJ beat me to coding it and (of course) did it better!