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Excited to make the first announcement of Phrag: GraphQL API auto-created from an RDBMS connection for instant, flexible and customizable CRUD operations. Practicality in mind & performance checked.

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does it come with (or is there any integration with) anything like a rules-engine to control data access? is there an auth component?


Phrag itself does not include auth component, but it has a concept of which allows injection of any additional logic per table and operation type. This has access control implemented with identities from Firebase's ID token like

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:07:17

Nice! Why is only Postgres (and sqlite) supported? The information_schema.query key_column_usage and constraint_column_usage tables are "standard" and should work on other RDBMS? BTW it would be nice if linked to the other solutions mentioned and perhaps elaborated a little more on the differences. Where the other solutions too complicated? Too limited?


It's just that I haven't developed a DB adapter for other DBs yet. (That schema usage is specific to Postgres.) I'll probably work on MySQL adapter next, but if you have a demand for any specific DB, plz feel free to raise an issue 🙂 Regarding the feature/design comparison, I agree. I'll look into creating a comparison table between other projects when I get a chance.

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respatialized15:07:20 Introducing `fabricate` - generate static websites with the full power of Clojure at your disposal, from your project's REPL. Employ your abilities as a programmer for creative expression and automating boring tasks like listing every var in a namespace. Break the boundary between your programming language and your markup. Works best in emacs (for now). Experimental, but extremely fun to use. Use with caution, or with reckless abandon. Github repo: Feedback/comments/criticisms very much welcome and appreciated. Release on Clojars coming soon.

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Interesting! that "🔚" in a code snippet is confusing, i.e. is that syntax?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:07:21

Based on > They start with the ✳️ emoji and end with the 🔚 emoji. the answer is yes

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:07:59

For Extended form expressions, I wonder why not ✳( ...)🔚 instead, which I presume would make it easier to have an arbitrary level of nesting?