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Good news everyone, Obsidian Wielder has now been included in the official list of community plugins in Obsidian! Wielder enables you to write Clojure code directly in Obsidian (powered by #sci [ thanks yet again @borkdude for this awesomeness ]), so you can do calculations, render React UIs (via Reagent), use DataView data and much more, directly in your page with full interactivity. Personally I write little mini-UIs inside my documents in Obsidian. I have one form for adding new TODOs for example, all done directly in my document with Wielder. Whatever you can program a webpage to do, or a Obsidian plugin, you could do directly in your document with Wielder. Installation instructions for people who want to give it a try can be found here: I've also published the demo-vault as a Obsidian Publish website (which works with Wielder as well!), so you can see how it works a bit by just browsing the website too, introduction tutorial is here:

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@UEJ5FMR6K I found a small typo in the link to on page victor should be victorb

Colin P. Hill15:06:12

This is cool! Any thought to a #joyride-esque REPL sidebar?

Ferdinand Beyer06:06:15

@UEJ5FMR6K β€” cool stuff! There’s a typo on your Welcome page, the Github link is missing the b in victorb and gives a 404


Thanks @U2C6SPLDS and @U031CHTGX1T for spotting that, has been fixed now!

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@U029J729MUP Thanks, I think so too! πŸ™‚ I wasn't aware of Joyride (nvim user), but took a look at the GitHub repository. You mean the pane on the right side in the "Calva.Start.a.Joyride.REPL.and.Connect.-.Jack-in.mp4" video from the README or are you referring to something else? If that's what you're referring to, I currently see the entire Obsidian document as being that basically, except you can add normal text in-between the REPL evaluations

Colin P. Hill13:06:50

I'm just referring to the general idea of having a REPL for hacking on the program live. Trying to do side effectful things in codeblocks in a document might run into issues with code that isn't rerunnable.


cc @U5H74UNSF ^ this is hinting at the "livedoc" idea too

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@U029J729MUP thanks for clarifying further. I think having something to "hack on the program live" would break down the idea that the entire document should be re-runnable from the top, always. Basically, every time you change anything in the document, it tries to eval the entire document from top-to-bottom, a bit like how jupyter works. The way you would work on "the program" in Wielder would be to write down each instruction line-by-line, which leads you to arrive at the conclusion at the bottom. This already works today and is the core way I myself use Wielder.


This is so good!! I'm a obsidian user and wanted something like, this seems to solve the case \o/

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I'm glad to hear @U5R6XUARE! πŸ™‚ Let me know if you encounter any issues or have ideas for new features!


[metosin/malli "0.8.8"] is out! #malli is a data-driven data specification library for Clojure/Script. Relevant changed since 0.8.0: β€’ Big improvements to ClojureScript development-time tooling, kudos to @danvingo β€’ New guide for doing static type checking with malli + Typed Clojure β€’ Fixes in clj-kondo mappings β€’ Improved pretty printing with function instrumentation β€’ Custom pretty printers via .pretty/prettier β€’ Lot’s of small fixes, improvements and perf β€’ New optional and unambiguous lite-syntax for simple cases

(require '[malli.experimental.lite :as l])

{:id string?
 :tags [:set keyword?]
 :address {:street string?
           :city string?
           :zip (l/optional int?)
           :lonlat [:tuple double? double?]}} 
Also, Malli has just passed 1000 ⭐s on github, big thanks to all contributors!

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bumped up version from 0.8.5 -> 0.8.8 due to deployment challenge. note to self: use github automation for releases

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Just released

[nl.jomco/proof-specs "0.1.3"]
A tool to ensure your data specs are all able to generate. See

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