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For those interested in using ClojureScript to build React Native applications, I built a template that ties together the latest version of RN with Krell, along with a workflow for building dumb templates in JavaScript that you can design and test in Storybook. It’s a one-liner to install: npx react-native init YourProjectName --template react-native-template-cljs-krell-storybook

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Babashka 0.8.156 (the 156th release) Full release notes Highlights: β€’ native M1 binary! When upgrading with brew or the installer script, you should now get the native binary instead of the amd64 one. β€’ Compatibility with prismatic/schema. There is an open PR which wil be merged soon (thanks @ambrosebs!). Meanwhile you can use this And many small improvements and upgrades of built-in libraries. Thanks to all involved! babashka

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