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I wrote a naive online Initializer for Luminus Projects (kit-clj to be added, soon). It’s really fresh, very beta, I would love some input on this!

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I wanted to create something beginner-friendly. It does nothing more than to wrap the Luminus Lein Template, but all possible modules are listed in their specific category, can be browsed and filtered.


it seems like you can add components as many times as you like but can't remove them in the UI:


really beta 🙈 Thanks for pointing that out, I will add some remove buttons and store the components in a set


Should be fixed, now.


It’s a cool idea, I always thought it would be nice to have something like this. Might be nice to handle react native projects too


For now I plan to add kit-clj, but I’m open to support other templating mechanisms that I might not know yet


Deep Diamond 0.23.0 released. high performance Tensor and Deep Learning library now supports recurrent networks (still in preview on CPU, GPU soon). Check it out at Big thank you to all members of Clojurists Together who generously supported this work! Next, on to the book update:

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