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Just released build.edn ver 0.3.82, Library making your Clojure library build process easy. Now, deploy-repository setting is supported to manage repository URLs and credentials (including encrypted password in ~/.m2/settings.xml) See the following document for more details 🙂

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Dart to Clojure converter, first release (0.1.2). It's pre-alpha now, but it works for most of the cases when you want to translate flutter widgets.

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Is it possible to convert a whole file too? it'd be nice to create a Emacs/YourFavEditor package to do that automatically!


It won't work for a whole file now because it doesn't support clasees and methods declaration. It also doesn't support assignments and just convert it to :unidiomatic. I will think about macking a full converter, but now it's just a tool to copy widget's part, like in the image:

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I think I just found my (macro-expand (widget ......)` solution! Thx even more! 🙏