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Happy to announce, an electron based SVG editor with an embedded repl, that allows you to interact with the scene or even extend the app on the fly using clojure. Note that this is still in a pre-alpha/prototype stage, so a lot of things might not work as expected.

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j abns09:05:36

This is really really good!! thanks just played a bit with it. Some feedback: 1. In REPL when i run (db) the output doesn't fold and stretches the canvas area beyond the app width and the right hand side menu becomes unreachable 2. In the top toolbar with the circle etc.. The "page" option doesn't seem related in functionality to the others in the same group. Maybe it should be in its own group? I will play around with it some more when i have some time.


Hello Javier! The first one is a known issue, I just didn't have the chance to fix it yet. Regarding the second issue, I was considering removing this button since there is another one on the left sidebar that creates new pages, but adding a new group is actually a better option. Thanks for the feedback!

j abns10:05:12

I ll feedback more when I get a chance. I will try some of my generative art algos 🙂 Thanks for making this!


Thanks! Fyi, I posted some repl generated images here

j abns10:05:36

Those look great, specially number 3, great colors!! Have you consider integrating into the app? It has tons of utilities and primitives for geometry manipulation and generating svg. some svg output examples:


I tried using thi-ng/color and I do want to play with geom at some point.

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Very cool! Is there a way to connect from my editor to the REPL for more complex forms?


You can obviously jack-in while you develop. Allowing this on production is a really cool idea!


This is fun!


I'm able to make it work by copy/pasting


Thanks for making this!


I am glad you are enjoying it!


Very cool initiative. Is this currently required to be Electron or could you self-host it on a server with the code as-is?


It is partially coupled with electron (window controls, system fonts etc.). I have thought about this a lot, but I decided to leave it as it is for now. Decoupling is definitely possible but requires a lot of effort, since I would also have to test the app across multiple browsers. I might reconsider this in the near future, if enough people show interest.

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Hi there, here's a (super-)small library that started out as an exploration of how I could simplify frontend backend communication in a single page app scenario to the point where calling the backend feels almost like a function call. I'm quite happy with the result and thought I might as well share it:

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