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Well, newer SNAPSHOT version of - this one adds support for binding ClojureScript functions! So now one can call ClojureScript from inside Prolog, for these difficult tasks where Prolog is not really good at. It should be considered very alpha, but it's a cool experiment and I'm excited to make another chess game running this time on the browser 😄. Also, fixed a bug where strings with accents will either be sent incorrectly, received incorrectly, both, or break the whole runtime (and in the process, discovered that every single Stackoverflow answer that explains how to send STDIN and read STDOUT from Emscripten-compiled WASM apps only works with ASCII 🥲)

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I’ve released an 1.x version of my caching library Memento, moving from Guava to Caffeine, [org.clojars.roklenarcic/memento "1.0.37"]

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memento redis got a new release as well