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Chris McCormick07:04:15

🦊 I'm pleased to announce Sitefox v0.0.4 is out. \o/ Sitefox is a backend framework for ClojureScript on Node. This release has a big new feature: email & password based authentication. You can add email based auth, including reset password, email verification, etc. to your app with 3 lines of code:

(auth/setup-auth app)
  (auth/setup-email-based-auth app template "main")
  (auth/setup-reset-password app template "main")
The other big change is documentation. You can find the detailed codox docs here: Finally, I also added some inline tests to the codebase for critical functions like the crypto used for auth. Here is the release tweet for those inclined:

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Clojure Sound is a library for transforming digital media and communicating with MIDI devices. I haven't written documentation for each function yet, but the whole is covered as, which is even more useful because it shows how each function works in context of real use cases.

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