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Mark Wardle20:04:39

Announcing v0.10.533 - an open source SNOMED CT terminology library and microservice. - now with: • Faster import and indexing including better reification of refset items to concrete types • Comprehensive generative testing / synthetic SNOMED CT dataset generation using clojure.spec.alpha and clojure.test.generator • Updates to the graph API functionality (thanks to Wilker Lucio's Pathom) Also updated partner library/service 🔥that provides a HL7 FHIR facade using hermes. These are now live in several different deployed clinical applications - within the NHS here in the UK - and for a research project spanning multiple centres in the UK for multiple sclerosis. 😀

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Small, but useful library for dry data matching in tests -

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#nbb ad-hoc scripting for Clojure on Node.js v0.2.9 - v0.3.5 Highlights: • tools.cli is built-in • cognitect.transit is built-in • CLJS compatibility with :require-macros, etc. • architectural foundation for adding optional features not included by default: Thanks @cldwalker for working on this feature. • New talk on Youtube about nbb: Full

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