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Typed Clojure 1.0.26 - Extensive improvements, including: - support reify, satisfies in Clojure - support defprotocol, implements? in ClojureScript - support annotating composite predicates like (defn sym-or-kw? [a] (or (symbol? a) (keyword? a)))

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Daniel Slutsky07:04:44

Clay (version 1-alpha1) is a new little attempt to provide some of the visual tooling needs of the emerging data-science stack and community. It has been growing gradually as a series of small experiments in the #visual-tools group. In the last couple of years, a few of us have been using Notespace for documentation (literate programming), data exploration, study groups, workshops, etc. With the emergence of amazing tools such at Portal and Clerk, which are getting lots of attention from both users and maintainers, it seems to make sense to put Notespace on hold, and rely on those amazing tools (and others). Clay tries to maintain a bit of the Notespace approach, mostly regarding dynamic interaction and way of expression (using the Kindly library), but implement it as a thin convenience layer on top of other tools, allowing one to use the full power of those tools where appropriate. Lots of Clay's (& Kindly's) attention is around creating a compatibility layer, which allows one to use the same code and render it visually in different tools. This made it possibly, for example, to port the documentation of Viz.clj from Notespace to Clerk (wrapped by Clay) with no code change: This is still considered experimental. Please share your feedback. Many thanks to @clark.thomaswilliam, who has been involved in testing and designing the usability aspects (and exploring some implementation details), to @djblue, @mkvlr, @jackrusher, @philippmarkovics for their patient and wise support with the brilliant tooling they are creating, to Rohit Thadani and @ezmiller77 for further testing and feedback, and to the #visual-tools group, which has been supporting and hosting this exploration so far.

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Daniel Slutsky07:04:10

(image credit: Wikimedia Commons)


clj-kondo v2022.04.08 - static analyzer and linter for Clojure code that sparks joy! āœØ ā€¢ new linter :non-arg-vec-return-type-hint that warns when a return type hint is not placed on the arg vector (CLJ only). See ā€¢ Enable :namespace-name-mismatch by default ā€¢ support ^:replace override for nested config values ā€¢ Add option --skip-lint, to skip linting while still executing other tasks like copying configuration with --copy-configs. ā€¢ return type too narrow for re-find Analysis: ā€¢ Implement analysis for Java classes: :java-class-definitions and :java-class-usages. See ā€¢ add :end-row and end-col to analyze data for :namespace-definitions ā€¢ Improvements for :protocol-impls ā€¢ Improve analysis for deftype ā€¢ Improve analysis for reify ā€¢ keyword analysis for ns + require channel: #clj-kondo

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Nice. Btw. in I don't see anything about Java classes.


It's just because there was See next to it so I thought I would have a look šŸ™‚.



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