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HugSQL 0.5.2 (and followup 0.5.3) released with the following changes: 0.5.3 • cljdoc-related fixes; otherwise, same as version 0.5.2 0.5.2 • new (markdown-based) docs! ( • fix fn defs to be at compile-time (thanks!) • fix file var metadata to be a string (thanks • allow % in keywords (thanks • update next.jdbc groupId (thanks • update to 0.7.12 (thanks • markdown doc strings (for • linter fixes


@U065ZC1BP Awesome! Since a recent release of babashka, hugsql.core sqlvec fns can also be ran with that. There is a test in bb CI:

(ns hugsql.babashka-test
  (:require [babashka.fs :as fs]
            [clojure.test :as t :refer [deftest is]]
            [hugsql.core :as hugsql]))

(def sql-file (fs/file (fs/parent *file*) "characters.sql"))
(hugsql/def-db-fns sql-file)
(hugsql/def-sqlvec-fns sql-file)

(declare characters-by-ids-specify-cols-sqlvec)

(deftest sqlvec-test
  (is (= ["select name, specialty from characters\nwhere id in (?,?)" 1 2]
         (characters-by-ids-specify-cols-sqlvec {:ids [1 2], :cols ["name" "specialty"]}))))

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@U04V15CAJ Very cool. I love what you're doing w/ babashka! Thanks!


#babashka 0.8.0 released. Major new feature is the ability to declare pods in bb.edn. This effort was largely driven by @cap10morgan 👏 See here for an example: Full changelogs with many other improvements: Next Saturday, @rahul080327 will present about #babashka at NovaLug: - feel welcome to join!

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The new pods addition is very nice, thanks @cap10morgan and @U04V15CAJ!

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Jarrod Taylor (Clojure team)15:04:04

Are you interested in learning how to use Datomic? Do you have a sense of humor and enjoy free retro interactive browser based tutorials? Then you really should checkout

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This is marvelous! Thanks for creating/sharing!


Reminds me of a project I helped make for a college course which was a monad tutorial with a similar retro aesthetic

Tomas Brejla22:04:18

very nice 👏 🙂 2 small things I'm missing: • It would be nice if ctrl+enter in the code editor submitted the code. (ie. so that I don't have to click RUN QUERYbutton all the time) • showing "matching paren" (for the paren then my cursor is currently placed after) would help a lot with finding unbalanced form.

Jarrod Taylor (Clojure team)00:04:08

I pushed an update so matching braces are now highlighted.

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I find that I want to experiment a bit even after that snarky bot has concluded I might have learnt something. I think that a button that let's me evaluate ”outside” the script would do it for me. Not sure I am making sense... I'm thinking two Run buttons. One that asks for feedback from the bot/advances the story and one that just evaluates the code. Not sure how to not confuse the user with two Run buttons, but anyway. 😃

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Tomas Brejla14:04:41

@U0508JRJC found a bit strange behavior. Adding just a single space or newline results in "unmatched delimiter". (see enclosed picture) I think I haven't seen this yesterday although I'm very sure I used to indent the db into its own new line.


@U02FU7RMG8M do you still have it?


Unfortunately the repo is private and the Heroku app no longer seems to work. But here is a screenshot of the front page:


And the lesson select page (complete with Gratuitous Japanese):

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Finally here's a sample lesson page, with the input being a Codemirror box:

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Oh my god, @U0508JRJC, that prologue is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:☠️

Jarrod Taylor (Clojure team)18:04:44

I am glad to know it made someone chuckle 😄. You never know when you are writing something like that if it will land with the reader.

Jacob O'Bryant19:04:09

Big news 🙂 Biff is a web framework I initially released about two years ago and have been using in my own business since. I've spent the past couple months giving it a major overhaul based on my experiences with it. It's now ready to go!

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Sold on htmx!! Really cool

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eccentric J22:04:18

Very cool! Been interested in combining alpine js (or a cljs equivalent) with scittle for frontend where react is overkill, this seems to validate that concept and looks like a solid stack to explore.


nice to see more people embracing server side rendering, congratulations on the release

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Luke Zeitlin16:04:09

TIL about htmx - looks like a really interesting choice

Michaël Salihi18:04:37

@UE7LPTG1L For htmx, you may be interested to take a look at Easy to run and play with. 😉

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Jacob O'Bryant18:04:08

htmx (and hyperscript) are pretty great. This was a nice post about the general movement (it doesn't actually mention htmx, which is a shame, but it talks about other tools/frameworks in the same general category):

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Congrats! 🎉

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