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Babashka 0.7.8! This release improves compatibility with several libraries:, and! To use specter in babashka, use the following coordinates:

{:deps {com.rpl/specter {:git/url ""
                         :git/sha "8ba809a2cd35d3b6f8c5287e6bd3b4e06e42f6dc"}}}
Hopefully the compatibility commit can be upstreamed back into specter at some point. • Add as built-in library - this makes babashka compatible with • Add part of to support add property babashka.config to reflect bb.edn location ( • Several fixes and enhancements to run Red Planet Lab's library in babashka • support print-method impls on records • babashka.fs: add windows? predicate • SCI: add *clojure-version* and (clojure-version) • Add and • SCI: implement declare as macro • drop location metadata from symbols, except top level Full changelogs: Channel: #babashka

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