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I'm pleased to announce a new release of martian with lots of improvements around OpenAPI handling. martian is an abstraction over HTTP that uses OpenAPI/Swagger/your own interface definitions to simplify interactions with remote systems. An interceptor chain means it can be easily extended, it has built-in support for all the most popular HTTP clients and also has companion libraries for recording/playback, generative testing and more. This release adds support for: • OpenAPI server URLs directive, thanks • OpenAPI yaml definitions, thanks This release fixes: • Incorrect errors of disallowed keys for OpenAPI bootstrapped instances • The internal martian spec of an input schema to allow optional keys, thanks • OpenAPI parameters defined in a `$ref` • Nested objects with optional keys in Swagger bootstrapped instances • Interpretation of the `number` leaf schema, thanks • Interpretation of untyped schemas that have `properties` as objects, thanks This release improves: • The main readme and the, thanks

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Let me introduce - easy to use Clojure wrappers for We're already running that in production for 4 months with no issues, I hope you'll enjoy it too 🙌

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oooh, very nice! I used caffeine a lot when using java and kotlin


nice to see it here too!

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Yes indeed, been looking for a lib for caffeine for some time. Excellent work!

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Ben Sless17:03:57

question, (although I work at AppsFlyer, I have no particular investment in this project), why not use Were you unaware of it? was something missing? Did you dislike something about the design?


@UK0810AQ2 I just needed tool for my use case, not a clojure api wrapper for Caffeine (I don't see any issues doing java interop tbh) My use case is: I have lacinia graphql resolver (or any other function) and I need to make it cacheable (with expiration and conditions) with minimum amount of code changes. And remove caching with the same minimal amount of code changes. That's how defcached was born 😎

Ben Sless17:03:32

@U4BEW7F61 I have a personal itch to write something that is compatible with core.cache and core.memoize but I haven't had a need to use caffeine yet


I used caffeine previously, it's very good. core libs should be fine too I guess


I wrote my memento library to address my caching needs via guava but it seems that caffeine is superior


Wasnt aware of its existence

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:02:01 is now available • Fix error message when git url missing or not inferred • Pass :exec-fn and :exec-args to -X/-T even when using -Scp • Make Clojure dependency in pom a compile dependency, not provided • In -X:deps prep - now takes basis settings, including aliases • -X:deps git-resolve-tags - now resolves to :git/tag and :git/sha • -X:deps tree - now takes basis settings • -X:deps mvn-pom - now takes basis settings • -X:deps list - put license abbreviation list in a resource and load on demand

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Carsten Behring22:02:31 0.2.0 is now available • handling of categorical predictions targets is now fully pushed down to implementing models All plugins were updated accordingly.

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Carsten Behring22:02:54

The DJL plugin for is available in new version 0.1.9: • initial support for fasttext was added for text classification tasks