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Scittle 0.1.2: use ClojureScript directly in browser script tags via #sci, with built-in support for Reagent and cljs-ajax. Try it immediately on CodePen: See here how to use it: Changes: Channel: #scittle

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Pathom 3 2022.02.25-alpha, this release is packed with nice features and fixes! ◦ ::pcp/expects now can figure implicit attributes on static resolver nested lookup ◦ Planner now removes path options that can't fulfill the sub-query ◦ New priority sort algorithm. Thanks to @mauricio.szabo! ◦ Optimize nested or nodes, pulling nested branches into parent OR node ◦ Add weight sort feature to load balance between OR branches ◦ Fix issue #107 regarding batch + nested optional inputs ◦ Add pf.eql/seq-data->query to find shape of a combined collection ◦ Computation of ::pcp/expects on static resolvers now includes data about nested expectations

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Announcing Pathetic, a utility library for working with JSONPath:

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It was actually open-source for a while, but we recently decided to do some cleanup in v0.4.0 for the wider Clojure community.

Noah Bogart20:02:48

great name haha

Cora (she/her)20:02:25

the name is chef_kiss

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Cora (she/her)20:02:37

(and the library looks super useful)