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Babashka fs, a Clojure filesystem library based on java.nio v0.1.3: • Compatibility improvements for ``: convert `URI` to `Path` directly without going through `URL` • Add `create-temp-file` • Add initial version of `zip` • Add `read-attributes*` without conversion into map • Run `create-dirs` for the `dest` directory in `copy-tree` to ensure it exists ( • Document `list-dir` `glob-or-accept` argument ( API docs: For questions, visit #babashka. Source code These and more updates are available in the newly released Please leave some feedback about babashka in the!

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Noah Bogart13:02:39

This is my favorite file system manipulation library.

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Michiel! You're a machine! 🙂


ahh I just started using this in a new project and was about to create something akin to create-temp-file 😄 you're a mindreader

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:02:34 v0.8.0 is now available, mostly addressing issues when explicitly binding *project-root* • compile-clj - always create classpath entries relative to *project-root* • java-command - don't resolve classpath entries, leave them relative to *project-root*

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