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Pathom 3 2022.01.28-alpha is out, this release includes: • Improve optimization for single item branch, now support moving run-next to the child's edge • On union process, in case the item doesn't match any branch its turned into nil (and removed in case of union sequences) • Fix bug when checking for entity required data, OR cases could trigger a false positive

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:01:04 v1 adds the ability to create monthly summaries of the backed up posts in HTML, e.g. to posts on a blog. clj-tumblr-summarizer is a tool / library that progressively backs up posts from a micro-blog and can produce monthly summaries of the published posts in HTML. Can be run as a scheduled GitHub Action.

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Joshua Suskalo17:01:46

awesome, now I can consume more pukicho content and get the fuzzy feeling of running clojure to do it

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lambdaisland/uri 1.13.95 is out, which fixes a potential stack overflow when normalizing URLs with very large query params. lambdaisland/uri is a cross-platform idiomatic URI library

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