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Carsten Behring22:01:10

A new release of , the idiomatic machine learning library for Clojure, is out. Changes in version 0.1.4 : improvement of the evaluate-models function by unifying the dissoc-in and handler-fn options. (breaking change)

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[ANN] com.walmartlabs/lacinia 1.1 and lacinia-pedestal 1.1 Lacinia is an open-source implementation of the GraphQL specification, in Clojure. GraphQL is an outstanding approach to getting diverse clients and servers exchanging data cleanly and efficiently. GitHub repo: Documentation: lacinia 1.1 is mostly focused on stability and performance improvements. lacinia-pedestal adds support for accessing Lacinia GraphQL as an HTTP endpoint GitHub repo: Documentation: lacinia-pedestal 1.1 A subtle bug in subscriptions was fixed. There is now support for caching parsed queries in memory.

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