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Hey everyone! I'd like to share you my first open source project. As a Data Engineer I felt some lack of tools and libraries to interact with one of the most used data platform, Databricks. So in this sense, I'm releasing the first part of, completely in clojure. It contains only a few function to access the API, but I'll keep working on that, every feedback is very welcome 🙂 thanks

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This is exciting! We have relied heavily on Databricks at work for years and I will definitely be checking this out. We are a 100% Scala shop, but I am always looking for ways to sneak Clojure in! Out of curiosity, do you have any experience deploying spark apps written in Clojure to Databricks? If so, how what tools do you use to make that happen?


hi Eddie! Yeah all our interactions with Databricks nowadays rely on clojure. We use it to load datasets into Databricks metadata, schedule jobs, create single user clusters, and more, if you like, call me dm and I can share with you some tips

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)14:01:38

Awesome! Good luck with the library!


A new Calva version just published: 2.0.233. • • Maintenance: • Fix: The major change In Calva itself here is the VS Code Testing UI integration, contributed by @marc-omorain. Thanks Marc! ❤️ gratitude Then Calva also automatically picks up many of the wonderful nrepl/orchard improvements. (No side-loading support yet, though. If you understand this concept well and want to contribute of your time to Calva, please do!) Here’s demo of the test ui stuff:

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Carsten Behring19:01:48

A new release of , the idiomatic machine learning library for Clojure, is out. Version 0.1.2 makes the library as well java 1.8 compatible.

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