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New version of, a durable job queuing and worker system for Clojure backed by PostgreSQL: This version features some improvements with how certain exceptions are handled, as well as some API polish. There is one breaking change in that regard: The retry-strategymultimethod has been replaced by a :proletarian/retry-strategy-fn option for proletarian.worker/create-queue-worker . Follow-up in #proletarian.

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good news, everyone: Slack has sponsored a Pro account for this fine community :-)

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awesome!! really happy for this 😄


Note: it is for one year only -- we have to reapply each year (which we shall do).

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This is huge! Just last night I had a Q and I knew it would have been asked in Clojurians…3 pages deep I found it! Blessings 🙏


just saw this on twitter, amazing!


She's not a Clojurian so may never see this, but public thanks to Kiere Shaffer from the Asheville dev community, who clued us in that tweeting directly at the Slack CEO had worked for another large community she's part of. 🙏

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@U0509NKGK amazing!!! 💪 thank you a lot


Wow. Did not expect this outcome. Awesome job @U0509NKGK ! This has been a long time coming. As a side note, here is the grunt-level response I received today from slack support:

If your question is about pricing for community teams then I'm so sorry but the answer would still be the same as when you last chatted to us. There is currently no pricing plans that differ from our business plans for community workspaces.
: ) +1 for skipping up the org chart to the absolute top @U0509NKGK :punch:

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Thomas Tay16:12:48

Awesome! This is great news


reveal v1.3.250 and v1.3.293 are released! This release brings a bunch of improvements to how you can interact with Reveal from your IDE, which unlocks a "sticker overlay" development workflow that is described in this introductory blog post: Follow up in this thread or in #reveal!

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I'm curious to know what you think!


the sticker idea looks really neat! here's a few thoughts: • for me, the caption is covered up by the player video controls • the text in the videos is really small and hard to read unless I zoom in or go full screen • when I first saw the custom stickers example, I thought it would take the comment block: (start!), (slurp) (stop) and automatically turn that into a UI. That might be a cool idea!

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Lukas Domagala20:12:47

That looks really awesome, love the idea! This looks like the killer feature that will make me start using reveal

Lukas Domagala20:12:35

Haven't even tried it yet, but I'm already thinking that a per project setting that restarts the same stickers of the last session would save a lot of time arranging them in the right spots


@U7RJTCH6J thank for the feedback! I'll try to improve video captions!


what do you use for video editing?


"ScreenToGif" windows app


ah ok. I have some improvements in mind for my ffmpeg wrapper, so I'm curious what people are currently using.


ScreenToGif looks really solid


@U02EMBDU2JU thanks! I thought about automatically restored stickers. There are some problems with them that I couldn't solve yet — they accept any object in the JVM as an argument. It might be impossible to reconstruct these objects between JVM runs. For example, at the first JVM run you start a sticker that shows the status of database connection. Then you remove SQL dependency from the app and restart the JVM — how should Reveal behave?


Reveal stickers look very slick! 🙌

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Lukas Domagala21:12:16

@U47G49KHQ I haven’t looked at the way you do your data connection, but I’m thinking stickers would be the most useful when watching an atom or a var. So reveal would restart with a “watch” of some kind for that var in that name space. If it never shows up again the user can always close that sticker. I’m thinking of re-frame apps that would want to watch the db atom or like you said, a db connection or even an “in function” def for debugging. if i just tap a map into it it’s probably not as interesting to see the same data on the second run, but who knows, the user can always close it.