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lread20:11:05 v1.0.166-alpha - Test AsciiDoc and CommonMark code blocks found in articles and docstrings • Added traditional main invocation as an alternative to -X invocation for more a more general purpose entry point • See for details and other changes • Drop by in #test-doc-blocks should you want to chat!

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Cora (she/her)20:11:04

ooooh very cool!


HoneySQL uses this so that all the documentation is tested!

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Cora (she/her)20:11:47

this might deserve to be in the alternatives section?


Yeah, certainly related @U02N27RK69K, thanks!


There's been a few updates to, we're now on 0.26.0. This release marks the end of my worries that Clip will have any major breaking changes, I believe it is now very close to outgrowing its alpha status. Clip is a dependency injection library similar to Integrant and Component. Its aim is to "clip on" to your existing program without requiring multi-methods or protocols. The rationale in the README explains this in a lot of detail. Changes in the last few releases: • BREAKING: symbols are no longer resolved to functions for :executor and :deref, you now need to call juxt.clip.edn/load manually • AOT ◦ There's a new require function which will require the namespaces for a system to start or stop ◦ I'm aiming for Clip to work inside GraalVM, but I haven't yet given this a go. Please let me know. • Testing ◦ You can now start a subset of a system, so you can start a handler and its dependencies ◦ You can select a subset of a system, and perform any operation on that (like select-keys for a system) ◦ There's a new macro with-system which will run a code block with a system started and attempt to clean it up afterwards • :resolve is now only called once, rather than on every reference • Documentation got a makeover In the future, I'd like to look at opening up the operations on a system to user customization. I'm no longer interested in suspend/resume, but I'd like to allow that to be implemented in user space. I'd also like to continue the work I did on "indirect linking," which allows you to re-eval a ring handler and not need to restart your system.

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