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Felipe Reigosa12:11:34

Is it possible to write a drawing program in 9 lines of Clojure code? Yes! Check out the video explanation of my new MockMechanics machine on youtube:

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Hey Felipe this is very interesting, would you mind to share more about the technical stuff of your project like what you using to render the 3d graphics?

Felipe Reigosa13:11:15

Hey Rafael, thanks. I actually wrote the game engine from scratch, I'm just using Clojure and bare OpenGL (through lwjgl), so not much to tell. It will be open sourced soon so you can have a look if you like then. If you want to know more about the game itself though, I recommend the first video on my channel, I explain how it works and everything there.;t=642s


> so not much to tell Hahaha, man the integration with LWJGL is super interesting, I was wondering if anyone had made it already. I'm super interested, I was wondering if was possible to make a nice, and performatic, game engine combining clojure and LWJGL. Really exited to see your project, thanks for sharing

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Minimalistic "tool" (as in tool.deps) that attempts to handle dependencies version propagation in "multi-modules" repositories

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Joshua Suskalo17:11:26

Version 1.4.0 of is released! ā€¢ new facilities for requesting values from the user interactively and customizably to help library authors ā€¢ fixes for hard-to-trace errors when using bound-fn ā€¢ updated #clj-kondo linters ā€¢ new documentation for how to integrate laziness with conditions

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Carsten Behring22:11:30

Version 0.3.6 of is released! sklearn-clj gives easy access to most Python Sklearn estimators from Clojure standalone or as a plugin into ā€¢ training methods return now all model attributes as Clojure data ā€¢ Reference guide was updated here:

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