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Adam Helins12:10:22

Hey y'all, first proper stable release for BinF, a Clojure(script) + Babashka library for all your binary needs: Very useful for lower-level protocols and stuff like that. I've used it for some funky projects like processing MIDI or WebAssembly files 🙂

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Any plans to add things like Protobuf or Avro support?

Adam Helins13:10:52

I'd say you'd rather use that to build something higher-level and more specific like Protobuf if needed. I keep it as generic as possible because it was my frustrating experience that there wasn't any good tooling when you needed freedom and efficiency when doing something lower-level like parsing a binary file.

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Mathieu Corbin16:10:03

I released today the version 0.7.0 of Mirabelle, a stream processing engine written in Clojure. You can find more information about the tool on the documentation (, and about this release on the changelog (

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I remember reading [0] about Mirabelle and it's been on my radar to build something with at some point. Is there a Slack channel where Mirabelle users hang out? [0]

Mathieu Corbin19:10:39

No, I don't have a slack channel for it. For now the easiest way to reach to me is to create github issues with questions etc..., or with direct messages here


nbb-lambda-adapter is an NPM package that enables loading and running CLJS code on AWS Lambda NodeJS runtime using @borkdude’s nbb This enables rapid CLJS development directly in the Lambda console. There’s no need to pre-compile CLJS to JS so the feedback loop is very quick. See @borkdude’s tweet with a gif: Thanks to @karol.wojcik @borkdude and @viesti!

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> Evaluate nbb on the moon! > — tomorrow, probably

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Karol Wójcik07:11:00

@U6N4HSMFW idea: Can handlerProxy accept the array of handlers, and in that situation create a object of {handlerName1: handler1, handlerName2: handler2} ? Example:

module.exports = {
  ...handlerProxy("demo.cljs", ["handler1", "handler2"]),


Posted this on Reddit too

Karol Wójcik11:11:04

Today I'm releasing some more Lambda goodness 😄 NBB is a nice motivation 😄