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Chris McCormick06:10:08

Hello! I'm excited to announce the v0.0.1 release of Sitefox. 🦊 It's a ClojureScript backend web framework that runs on Node. About one year ago I stopped using Django + Python and went all in on full stack cljs. I had to build a library to replace the "batteries included" from Django like routing, sessions, email and database etc. Sitefox is the result. I hope you'll find it useful in building our own websites using full stack cljs. 🙏 Quick start. You can use the npm init scripts to get started: For a fast backend only website using nbb: npm init sitefox-nbb mysite For a full stack web app using shadow-cljs: npm init sitefox-shadow-fullstack myapp If you would like to help spread the word, here is a tweet announcing the release: Thank you so much!

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Congrats on the release!

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But can you run in on the JVM in the browser? (Sorry, very cool release 🙂 )

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This looks pretty slick! Nice to see a new take in this space.

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